Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inside my closet day 1: Slippers!

Because this is apparently my full-circle blog week, it seems appropriate to let you into my closet today by talking to you about my slippers. My very first blog post was aptly titled "Launch party in my slippers" because, with a few exceptions, I have been wearing those very slippers every time I write.

What are these magical slippers? Sadly, they are one of the most expensive items in my closet.

By now you've probably discovered that I am a pretty frugal lady. After all, I cut up pieces of cardboard to make desk accessories, clip coupons weekly and frequently turn to Craigslist. But sometimes I splurge, and I splurge big time. This was one of those times.

Favorite clothing item #1: My Ugg Dakota slippers in tobacco color

 Last New Year's Eve as we ushered in 2009, as tradition would have it, we had a group of friends at Matt's parents' beach house in the Outer Banks. My friend Emily broke out these adorable (important) and warm-looking (more important) slippers that I coveted for an entire year, literally -- and you know I use that word correctly. Then this past New Year's Eve when I saw Emily again I realized that I had wanted these slippers so badly for so long and I still wanted them. It was love, and I needed to get these slippers into a life-long relationship.

I am all about commitment, so I used this as a means to justify this ridiculous purchase. One hundred dollars for a pair of slippers? Yes, I did that. Most of my shoes, including leather winter boots, cost less than $50 that I buy at the end of the season at DSW after significant mark downs. This slipper purchase was virgin territory.

So of course I did some decent research. I scoured the Internet for deals, but as you may have guessed Ugg doesn't hand out too many deals. I did, however, discover that REI carried this product (albeit seasonally), and we're REI members, so I bought my slippers there because the 10 percent member reward benefit is better than nothing. I look at my slippers as really costing $90. Reasonable, right? I know, still pathetic.

In my Internet searching I also looked into size advice from current slipper owners. These slippers only come in whole sizes, and I am a consistent 7.5 shoe size (isn't everyone???). Someone suggested I buy big. Someone suggested I buy small.  I went with 7 and I found perfection. It's true, they do stretch out, so it's OK if they're a little tight at first.

Before slippers I always had cold feet. Before slippers I had dirty socks. Before slippers I silently made fun of people my age who owned Uggs. Before slippers I fell down our stairs several times (including once this autumn when I was holding a glass broke as I fell and cut my finger so badly that I probably should have gotten stitches but toughed it out instead). Now my feet are warm, my socks clean, and my fingers free from gaping flesh wounds. And I understand the appeal of Uggs.

I do not believe I have ever been so happy about a clothing purchase as I have been about these slippers. I have one rule, though, to preserve them: I never wear them outside. These are solely house shoes, so they have stayed quite clean after these three months of constant wear. I've even been known to put them in my purse and take them to other people's houses. My only complaint is that these cute little suede bows are tricky to keep tied, but sometimes I double-knot them, which is probably pretty nerdy.

These are the kind of slippers that make me wish I was a stay-at-home mom just so I could wear these slippers all day. But I don't have a baby. And my husband is also a teacher, so I don't think I'll be a stay-at-home mom even when I have a baby.

But I will always have these slippers.


  1. I. Love. This. Entry. My slippers are from Target, but I wish I had some fancy ones!

  2. I have those exact slippers, in the same color and everything! I absolutely adore them as well. Perfect for around the house- I've even worn them out of the house!