Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tip 4: Coupon organization

My Sunday morning ritual, likely held by countless others, involves clipping coupons from the newspaper circulars. Until about a year ago, I would clip, but then never actually use the coupons, until I discovered to...

Tip 4: Use a coupon file

I found my little wonder-worker at Target. I can't seem to find it anymore online, but this one from The Container Store is a similar idea (and it's an awesome store!).

Keep your file with you whenever you go to a store (I just always have mine in my purse), and remember to include coupons you get in the mail along with online coupons. The trick to staying organized is to immediately put any coupons you receive into your file. Don't forget to purge your file at least every month or two.

Find a system that works for you. Here's how I've organized mine:
  • Wegmans -- for the grocery store I love and their occasional coupons I get in the mail
  • Personal care -- for toiletries, make-up, medicine, first-aid
  • House care -- for cleaning products, batteries, Ziploc items
  • Grocery -- for any food items
  • Stores -- for shops that frequently send me coupons, such as World Market, Ulta, Hallmark, CVS, Michaels
  • Clothes -- for any clothing store, particularly Ann Taylor Loft and their bazillion coupons, or those receipts from stores like Banana Republic where you complete an online survey to get 20% off your next purchase
  • Restaurants -- these mostly tend to be from take-out places, such as Baja Fresh, or the occasional coffee shop, such as Caribou
  • Car -- for all those oil change and inspection coupons from Mr. Tire
  • Dogs -- for food and treats
 As a bonus, my file has a front pocket where I store gift cards and discount program cards, and it contains a zipper pouch where I file receipts I may need later (as a teacher, I keep all receipts from my personal classroom purchases).

Next up...planning a weekly dinner menu!


  1. Yay, I PPH your blog. So far you have posted about all things near and dear to my heart; especially, coupon organizing and doggie washing! Totally awesome that Bailey gets bathed "the right way" aka the Stephpanie way! Can't wait for tomorrow's post.

  2. Love your blog Steph! I just started using a coupon organizer after we moved and am now addicted to it. Great posts so far!

  3. So what is your system for handling online coupons that you would use online (rather than print and use in store)? Do you use Gmail labels or some other system?