Monday, March 29, 2010

New line: Liberty of London for Target

I read a lot of blogs, and one of them is called Project Balancing Act by a woman named Susan who lives in Chicago. Susan has great taste and seems to shop at a lot of the same stores I love. She introduced me to the Liberty of London line for Target in her post a couple weeks ago, and I was thinking I needed to check it out in person.

Then my brother, his wife and their adorable daughter stayed with us last week, and my totally-put-together sister-in-law gave me a great gift that included two candles from the Liberty of London for Target line. It was most fortuitous.

The candles are beautiful. They come in a lovely heavy-duty cardboard holder, and they smell amazing. They smell so amazing that Matt even said, "Wow, these candles are amazing." I mean, my man is fairly domestic for a 29-year-old guy, but he rarely makes comments like that.

Check out these pretty candles, one in vanilla bean scent, and one in lotus and white flower scent.

Thanks Susan for alerting me to this line, and thanks Amy for the great gift!

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  1. Wow Liberty of London for Target is making the blog rounds these days! I was just reading about it the other day. Thanks for the first hand tip--will definitely have to check it out.