Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tip 49: Carnations, hue knew?

For as long as I can remember I have loved fresh flowers. As a little girl I dreamed of having a boyfriend, just so he could buy me flowers. Then I wised up and realized that if I want flowers, I should buy them myself. My whole life I have also scoffed at carnations. I think one time I was even known for saying, "Carnations...a way to say, 'I didn't try very hard to show you how I feel.'" To me carnations have been the ugly stepsister of the flower world, until I read this post about carnations as "budget blooms" on Young House Love, and it got me thinking I should give carnations a try. So, I pass along to you...

Tip 49: Give carnations a try to brighten up your space on a tight budget.

Carnations are great because they:

1) Come in lots of colors.
2) Last longer than any flower.
3) Are easy to divide up into small bud vases to maximize their effect throughout your space.
4) Are cheap. I bought all the flowers pictured below for $6.99 total.

I took one bouquet and divided them up into three separate spaces on our main floor.

Space 1: On these ledges inside these small Lula vases from Crate and Barrel (current price $9.99 each)

Space 2: On the coffee inside these larger vases, also from Crate and Barrel (no longer on sale; purchased in the fall)

Space 3: On our kitchen island inside these small bud vases from Crate and Barrel (from our wedding)

Thanks in part to the adorably cute couple over at Young House Love, I am now a friend to carnations. It's nice to have something fresh and inexpensive to add charm to your room and a smile to your face.

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  1. great idea! if you bunch carnations together you can even kind of make them look like peonies!