Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inside my closet day 3: best camisole and T-shirt!

Before we return to my closet...

It seems appropriate that the Gap, Inc. Friends and Family event kicked off this week while I'm writing about my favorite clothes. As generic as this may make me, I love Gap, Inc. Between the ages of 16 and 19 I worked at the Gap, getting the sweet employee discount while I saved money for college/paid for college. I spent some time this evening at Old Navy while Matt was at his school volunteering at yet another evening event. Here are my Old Navy related observations:

1) Old Navy is not very impressive right now, but I did manage to pick up two inexpensive items for me and one for Matt. Item #1: A blue sundress/beach-pool pullover that is exactly as long as the item #2: white cotton light-weight cardigan when lined up side-by-side. Long sweater, shorter dress. I also bought item #3: a button-down shirt for Matt to replace one he ripped a giant hole through, but we'll see if he likes it. Total spending: $41.16 after the 30% Friends and Family savings.

2) There were two separate sets of brothers between the ages of 3 and 10 chasing each other around the store the entire time I was there. The way more offensive set was the 10-year-old and 6-year-old who were literally whipping each other with Old Navy belts. Honestly. Where are their parents? I will not eat these words when I have two boys because there is no way I would ever tolerate that behavior, especially as they almost hit shoppers with their belts and tripped over people.

3) For all of the five minutes it took me to drive home, I turned off NPR and instead heard our local top-40 station 99.5. I caught Jay-Z's "Young Forever," not to be confused with "Forever Young." How do I know this for certain? Because I used my Shazam Droid app to tell me the song and artist. Amazing. I like that this song keeps a lot of the original (because I am happy to hear the original), but I also appreciate the song's reference to "Pyrex pots." How domestic of you, Jay-Z. I also thought he partially rapped about Google, but turns out he was saying Guru. Oh well.

Now, to the good stuff...
Favorite item #3: The Ultra Soft Square Neck Cami from White House Black Market, along with the Seamless tee, also from White House Black Market

I bought four items last August: one white cami, one black cami, one white tee, one black tee. I wear one of these items almost every day. Right now (or maybe all the time) the camis are $24.50 (with a buy one, get one 50% off deal), and the tees are $34.50 (also with a buy one, get one 50% off deal). When I bought mine I bought all four items at once to maximize the deal, and I bought them my birthday month when I also had a birthday coupon (and a birthday gift card!). I do not remember the final price, but I feel satisfied in knowing that I have completely gotten my money's worth...

Why are these shirts awesome?
1) They are appropriately form fitting, seeing as I mostly wear them under sweaters, button-down shirts, or other tops, and I don't want any weird bulging.

2) They are super comfortable.

3) The material (94% nylon and 6% spandex) is so much better than cotton -- the material of some of my old camisoles -- which I could definitely only wear once before it needed a washing. These camisoles can stay clean through a couple wears.

4) They are a great length. The square neck camisole is shorter than the seamless tee; the cami hits me a couple inches below the top of my jeans, and the tee hits me maybe three inches below the top of my pants. The variety of lengths is nice if I'm ever looking for something to pair with an otherwise inappropriate-length top.

5) I bought the camis and tees so I could have different neck choices. Both the cami and the tee are appropriate for work or for play, but the tee offers a high neck that might pair better with certain items.

Here are the shirts in action:
The white cami, underneath a sweater, New Year's Eve at the beach house. (Also note the cake, a tradition started a few years ago. Bake a cake and write on it all the accomplishments of the party attendees. In the case of the eight of us who were celebrating New Year's we could also celebrate: Happy wedding, engagement, job, house, dog x 2. And that's the first cake I ever frosted!)

White tee underneath a cardigan, at the Griffith Observatory in L.A. in October

Black cami, by itself (the only one I sometimes wear by itself), with my "Mad Men" skirt, in September at Lindsay and Jason's wedding rehearsal. I call this the "Mad Men" skirt because I bought it over the summer at Banana Republic while they were doing some sort of "Mad Men" promotion. And I love that show. (Plus, the skirt has an elastic band AND pockets, yet it manages to remain fashionable...a first!)

I don't have pictures of me in the black tee, but you'll just have to trust me that I own it.

My two complaints:
1) Be careful with the material. I wash my shirts inside-out on the gentle cycle (or sometimes even on the handwash cycle, depending on what else is in the load). Although it hasn't happened to me yet, the nylon could snag, so watch out.

2) The first time I washed the white cami something weird happened and the shirt got some spots on it. Because I wear the shirt under other shirts, the spots aren't visible, but it's still a mystery to me. Anyone have a potential answer as to what I did wrong? (This is mostly weird because the white tee, made from the same material and in the same load of laundry, came out perfectly fine.)

Up until this summer I was wearing camisoles I bought in high school and college. Even though I am still young, they were pretty ratty (one had a hole from Maxwell's puppy stage), and all of them were too short. Because almost all tops now are longer than they were in the late 90s and the early 2000s, these short camisoles were doing little of anything of value. In August it was time for some new wear-with-anything tops, and these were it.

I have only purchased three other items at White House Black Market: one funky patterned tunic, and two black dresses to wear to weddings -- all items I really love. This store is sometimes hit-or-miss for me. I pass it almost every day because it's down the street from our house, but I often find some of the patterns off putting. These shirts, though, always pull through.

Next up...casual Friday, time for jeans!

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