Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tip 46 follow up: Tupperware and lids

Writing about Tupperware organization ideas yesterday inspired me to visit The Container Store today, which was really quite easy because it's in Arlington next door to Harry's Tap Room, where we enjoyed a great brunch. As much as I love this store (and have loved it since I was at least 10 or 11 years old) I only go there once or twice a year. After paying the brunch bill, I asked Matt, "Would you be willing to go with me to The Container Store for five minutes?" He paused and said, "Sure," but gave me a skeptical glance, meant to indicate he knew it would take longer than five minutes. Well, it didn't. I had a mission, and I found my two inexpensive products in under five minutes.

The items are...
Item #1: This small 4-sort divider for $3.99

It holds our Tupperware lids like this:

And the corresponding Tupperware containers, while still not 100% ideal, look a lot better now like this:

So it should be easier now when we unload the dishwasher. With everything numbered and mostly in order from smallest to biggest, there should be no question where these bad boys belong.

Item #2: This lid rack for $5.99

It's made to fit up to six lids, but I am content with the four lids it currently holds.

So for $10 plus a little tax, I am happy to have our lids for pots and pans and Tupperware no longer in a big, clunky pile inside our cabinets.

Next up...receipts and warranties and users' guides, oh my!

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