Monday, March 22, 2010

Inside my closet day 7: Dress pants

By now you may have noticed that when it comes to stores, some clothes and a good deal of products, I am all about brand loyalty. Perhaps this is because I am a decisive person, and when I find what I want, I stick to it. Or perhaps this is the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy stemming from my mother's choice of name for me -- according to her, at least, she chose "Stephanie" because it means "loyalty" (though this definition is as of yet confirmed, as most online sources claim it means "crown"). Then again, thanks to Matt I have been happily buying lots of Wegmans (aka generic) brand pantry staples the last few years, so who knows. Either way, I am loyal. Enter...

Favorite clothing item #7: The Editor Pant from Express

How does loyalty come into play here? The fact that I have owned eight pairs of these pants, five of which are in my current rotation.

These pants are great because:
1) They come in a good variety of colors and materials.
2) They hold up well over time (my oldest current pair is from seven years ago).
3) They have a fairly classic look, so as they hold up physically over time, the look should hold up reasonably well, too.
4) They are affordable for work clothes. These pants range in price from $49.50 to $79.50 full price, and there are occasionally specials.

What's annoying about these pants?
Some of these pants come in short sizes, but on me the short size is too short, especially given the fact that I often wear heels to work. Maybe the problem here is the fact that at 5'4" I am right on the line between petite and regular sizes. Then there's the issue, much like with designer jeans, that the regular-length pants appear to be made for giants, thus requiring some decent amounts of tailoring. Still, these pants are worth it.

Oh, and these are some of the few items I own that I actually get dry cleaned. 

My current Editor Pants are:
The Luxury Stretch Editor Pant in light gray melange (a particular pant it seems  many people I know own and wear regularly, and which is currently on sale for $48.65)

And these four patterns that I cannot find anymore on the Express Web site:
  • Brown plaid

  • Black plaid, wide waistband

  • Black and white wool (not surprising that they're not selling these right now!)

  • White...which looks just the way you think it would.

My three oldest Editor Pant purchases are no longer with us. One black pair I wore until it practically disintegrated, and two pairs of Editor Pant jeans (not exactly dressy work pants, but maybe casual Friday pants) became a little too tight and I simultaneously got tired of them, so it worked out that the people of Goodwill gladly accepted them. But these pants each saw well over eight years of use.

Next final look inside my closet week post to tie it all together...a cornucopia of leftover clothing items awaits us! And, the best piece of wardrobe advice that I ever received.

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