Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inside my closet day 2: Yoga pants!

Before I begin today's post, let me say that Matt is really busy this week at work, and although he is normally an avid reader of my blog, as of this evening he still hasn't read yesterday's post. Here's the exchange we just had:

me: "Matt, can I interrupt your paper grading for a second to ask you to take a couple photos of me wearing these pants?"

Matt: "Why?"

me: "Because it's my favorite clothing week on my blog, and these pants are the subject of my second post."

Matt: "What was your first clothing post about?"

me: "My slippers."

Matt: "Did you write about how you might as well wrap your feet in $50 bills?"

And then he gave me this look, with an oh-so-subtle eye roll. Did I mention he is...frugal?:

Now, on to today's post...
If you're like me, you like to get home from work and put on something totally comfortable. And, if you're like me and you're looking for something that you feel is more flattering and ever-so-slightly more formal than sweatpants, you probably jumped on the yoga pants bandwagon about a decade ago.

In these 10 years I have owned four pairs of yoga pants, three of which are still in my current rotation. My first pair, which might hardly count as yoga pants at all, came from Victoria's Secret when I was just starting college and I wore those until they basically disintegrated. My other two pairs came from Old Navy at least seven or more years ago, and they are still going strong. They're a little long and can get a little warm, so I found something even better, a yoga-esque pant, another favorite item in my closet.

Favorite item #2: C9 by Champion fitted cardio pants (with extended sizes) in petite.

I am 5'4", I am pretty trim, and I have an out-of-proportion waist-to-hip ratio (I have a big butt). I am right on the border between petite and regular pant sizes. Sometimes petite is way too short, but usually regular length is way too long. This makes often makes purchasing pants difficult. I'm not complaining; I am confident about the way I look and comfortable in my body, but, no doubt like you, I can only wear select styles.

These pants are it.

And these pants were cheap. I got them on sale at Target last fall for $16.99, but even full price they only cost $24.99 currently at Target.

Here's why I love these pants:
1) They are the perfect length for me. I wear them to work out in the fall and winter, but I also wear them around the house pretty much all the time. When I wear these pants barefoot or with my slippers, I don't worry about tripping over them or fraying the bottoms.

They are right length for wearing with athletic shoes, when I don't want to trip over my pants...
And they are even better with my socks, because let's face it, I am more likely hanging out than working out...

2) The waist band has some weird netting that helps smooth out any little tummy you may have (but these are not Spanx and they will not smooth out anything of significance).

3) The Duo-Dry material, while futuristic, is still nice for working out and not as restrictive as my regular cotton pants. The pants are 86% polyester and 12% spandex (and I assume the unnamed additional 2% material is love).

4) They hit my waist at just the right spot, a couple inches below my belly button, but not so low that I ever feel indecent.

5) They are just generally form flattering.

6) They were really inexpensive when I bought them, and even when purchased at full price they are still quite reasonable.

I also think it's a little deceiving that Target's online description calls these pants "straight ankle length." They are not flare, and maybe they are not all-out boot cut (though Target does sell plenty of those) but these have a little extra material around the ankle which makes them appealing. These pants do pick up dog hair quite easily, though, but I have plenty of lint rollers hanging out in different parts of our house.

This is one clothing purchase that did not cause Matt to roll his eyes...

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  1. hah I also have four pairs of these exact same pants to change into after work or working out. They are the best!