Friday, March 5, 2010

Tip 41: Quick bathroom clean up

Tomorrow marks the start of spring cleaning here, complete with 55 degree temperatures on Sunday! Woohoo! This afternoon, while walking the dogs, I could almost smell spring. I always talk about smelling the arrival of seasons, especially fall, and Matt always looks at me like I'm crazy. I hope at least some of you loyal readers know what I'm talking about.

A quick update: Doc did not bark today when I got home! This leads me to believe that one of the things our dogs do while we're away at work all day is read my blog. They are gifted and talented.

Before you break out your rubber gloves and your patio furniture (both of which are necessities on tomorrow's spring-cleaning list) here's a quick tip to incorporate into your daily routine, if you haven't done so already...

Tip 41: Keep a small, old towel on or near your bathroom sink so you can quickly wipe down your bathroom counters after each teeth-brushing/face-washing session.

I recently upgraded the hand towels in our half-bath on the main level. I went with this pretty pattern that adds a little spice to our space:

So I took the older tan hand towels in that half bath and brought them upstairs to the master bath. Now I spend about 5 seconds each morning and night after the teeth-brushing ritual to quickly sop up excess water left behind on the vanity. This quick once-over has made our counters look pretty in between more serious cleaning (which, let's face it, really doesn't happen very me). Not having water stains has changed up our bathroom's whole look.

As you can see, we keep the towel just out on the sink because we have space and because it's a constant reminder to clean up after ourselves. But it could also be neat to put your towel in a cute little basket to give it some extra pizazz and integrate it into your bathroom design.

Next up....spring cleaning, round 1: garage, outdoor patio, windows, closet purge.

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