Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inside my closet day 6: Brown flip flops

Even if you don't know me personally, I bet you might have an idea where this post is going. If you're like me, you were the last to jump on this bandwagon, but you realized that the bandwagon did, in fact, live up to the hype. While not at all original, my...

Favorite clothing item #6: Rainbow Sandals Tan Leather Single Arch Narrow Strap flip flops

Yes, everyone has these, to the point that the locally famous "Arlington Rap" dedicates several verses to everyone in Northern Virginia who wears brown flip flops, and our friend here has a blog titled "Brown Flip Flops." When you're kind of preppy and your friends are kind of preppy, it happens. But, like I said, these live up to the hype.

I heard complaints that these flip flops are expensive. The official Rainbow Sandals Web site sells them for $42.50, which is identical to the price I got from another retailer on Amazon when I made the purchase. I don't know...I live in these flip flops during the summer, so kind of like expensive jeans (or expensive slippers) these seem reasonable.

I heard these flip flops are really uncomfortable, at least at first, but I did not have that experience ever. In fact, I think these are the only flip flops that have never given me a blister.

I heard these flip flops conform to your feet. Yes, that was true, as you can see from my obvious toe marks imprinted on the soles.

I heard these flip flops hold up well for years, and so far that has been true. They also come with a warranty: "We will repair your Sandals against manufacturing defects, which includes delamination, the strap pulling out, or stitching coming apart, before either the top or bottom wears through anywhere into the next layer." Have any of you had to take them up on this? If so, how did it go?

I heard these flip flops can get wet and be just fine, and while I believe that is true, I also don't really like the feeling of walking around in wet flip flops, nor do I want my flip flops to become darker than they already are. So, I try not to get them wet, and I wear cheap rubber flip flops at the beach and at the pool.

The true test of these flip flops? The fact that Matt owns a pair (except his are the wide-strap variety). That's right, Matt -- the guy who will make fun of you (and roll his eyes) if you spend too much on a single clothing item broke his own rule with these. That, my friend, is true flip flop love. It was meant to be.

Next pants!

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