Saturday, March 20, 2010

DIY project: Kitchen backsplash step 5 progress

Step 5 is laying the tile. We are not done, and I will write more soon about what we learned about how to lay tile, but for now I wanted to share today's progress. We started at 12:30 after Matt got home from helping his parents with a furniture move. We took a break from 4 to 5:30 to eat a snack, watch "The Office," feed the dogs and take them on a walk. And now, two hours since then, we finished. So in our 5.5 hours of work today, we were successful in laying most of the tile. We have some work ahead of us tomorrow, and then grouting probably won't take place until next weekend (when we have time).

Here's the before:

Here's what we did today:

And here are some close ups:

Now, time for a shower, some food and some fun! Stay tuned tomorrow for a tile laying how-to.

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