Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inside my closet day 5: Perfect tank top

Because I missed a clothing post yesterday, I'll do two today!

Favorite item #5: Old Navy Long Layering Tanks

These 100% cotton tank tops are a great wardrobe staple. They hit me at the hip, as advertised, and they are form fitting, but they will stretch out a good amount while you wear them. They are also very affordable, currently costing $7.99 each. Old Navy often runs specials on this item, and every year there are different colors available. For me they run true to Old Navy sizes, because in my experience Old Navy clothes run pretty big, so I buy these in extra small.

Three years ago I bought this tank top in three basic colors -- white, gray and navy blue -- to wear when working out. I really wore the white one out because I also realized it was a great item to wear under shirts, but then I bought the White House Black Market white cami and never turned back. My only complaint with this item is that the hem of the white one came undone and the entire shirt quickly unraveled (after two years of wear). But that's the only problem I've had with any of them.

In the summer of 2008 as Matt and I were preparing for our cross country trip, I stocked up on this item in more colors because I knew it would be an inexpensive and comfortable shirt to wear while hiking through national parks (during the hottest part of the summer). I know some people prefer dry-wick shirts when they'll be sweating, but I'm not a huge sweater, so a more expensive item seemed unnecessary. These shirts are also perfect for packing because they are quite small when all rolled up.

Now I almost exclusively wear these shirts for working out, but I also like the fact that if I am going to the gym and running errands, I can still look semi-presentable in these cute tanks. One piece of advice: wash these on the gentle cycle. The material is somewhat thin, so treat carefully to make them last.

And now, a view of our cross country trip through the eyes of these tank tops!

In Colorado, getting ready to tackle Gray's Peak. Or actually, in my case, semi-tackle Gray's Peak, because I faced my one and only case of altitude sickness on this hike and didn't make it all the way up. I blame it on being from the east coast.

In Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

In Arches National Park, Utah.

In Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

In Sequoia National Park, California. (I'm super tiny! See if you can spot the tank top!)

In Sedona, Arizona, during a stop on the Pink Jeep Tour. (See, there's the white tank top, a few months before it officially died.)

In the Grand Canyon! (Arizona)

In Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico.

And if you're ever thinking about taking a cross country trip and you want any of our advice, let me know. Matt and I drove over 8,000 miles in one month, taking the northern route out west and the southern route back east, visiting Chicago; Denver; Moab, Utah (Arches); Yosemite; Sequoia; L.A.; Sedona, Arizona; Grand Canyon; Santa Fe; with a few other small stops along the way. We stayed in inexpensive hotels or with friends, mostly visited parks, and ate some awesome food. We also listened to at least a dozen books on CD while driving, a perfect way to pass the time.

Next up...brown flip flops!

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  1. I was inspired by the Spring weather and bought a couple of these tank tops this week. So far they are pretty great, especially since most of my other tank tops are pretty old and ratty at this point :)