Friday, March 19, 2010

Inside my closet day 4: Buying expensive jeans

In the fall I bit the bullet and bought really, really expensive jeans. I know in the world of fashionable people this is normal, but for me this was an amazingly huge step. I went to Nordstrom and fell in love, and I never turned back.

Favorite clothing item #4: Citizens of Humanity jeans

Investment jean #1: Citizens of Humanity Ingrid Low-Rise Flare Leg in Pacific Ocean color. I bought these at Nordstrom in the fall for a whopping in $149. I know, I nearly had a heart attack too, but these jeans are honestly two to three times better than any jean I've ever owned, so I suppose there is a lot of value there (or so I tell myself).

My friend Lindsay recommended these jeans because they have a tiny bit of spandex in them which makes them a little more forgiving than other jeans, such as Sevens, that I had tried on in the past. If, like me up until a few months ago, you have never tried on designer jeans, be prepared for them to be comically long when you first slip them on. I got them tailored for free at Nordstrom to fit me perfectly when I'm wearing heels, my usual shoe of choice in the winter thanks to my boots.

Tip: The girl at Nordstrom who was helping me with my first purchase suggested that I take my jeans home, wash and dry them before bringing them back in to get tailored. I'm glad I did this, because the tailoring worked out perfectly.

Investment jean #2: Citizens of Humanity Dita Petite Bootcut in Angel color, that I purchased last weekend at Nordstrom for way too much money than I care to admit...OK, $172. That's right -- really expensive, and petite. And they are pretty great. They are a slightly lighter weight material than my longer jeans, and they have more variation in color throughout the jean.

You may have noticed from other posts that I am not a huge fan of tailoring. I hate waiting and paying extra, even though I am aware the pay off can be worth it. I love buying petite lengths if they actually fit me appropriately. So far I have decided that these jeans do not need tailoring. I specifically bought these to wear with flats, my spring and summer shoes of choice. When I wear them with flats with any small amount of lift off the floor they are perfect, because I really do not want them to touch the ground and fray. The jury is out on whether I can wear them with flip flops, but even if I cannot I think I will probably stick with my no-tailoring plan.

Before these jeans all my jeans came from Old Navy, Gap, JCrew outlet or one pair of skinny jeans I got at Ann Taylor Loft (that I exclusively wear with flat boots that I affectionately call my "Peter Pan boots"). I still have three other jeans in rotation: a pair from Gap that I wear for really casual events; the skinny jeans from Loft, that are suited for winter; and a pair of really old Gap jeans that are good for yard work. I used to love the Hipslung short jeans from JCrew that I bought at an outlet, but they got a giant hole in them after only about two years of wear (and I like to wear my jeans for years). I patched those jeans on four separate occasions, and then I finally got the message.

Other favorite jean items that are really inexpensive (and old!):

My jean jacket from Old Navy that I bought in at least 2003. Here are Matt and I in May 2005, two years after college graduation back in Charlottesville enjoying an amazing brunch at the Boar's Head.

My short jean skirt, also from Old Navy, that I bought in at least 2005. Here I am enjoying the last sunset of our honeymoon in Maui in August 2006 (I cropped Matt out because he was topless and I don't want you to get too excited).
So whether they are splurges or more thrifty purchases, my jeans are some of my most favorite items that withstand constant wear.

Next up....inside my closet week continues after a brief stop back in the kitchen to learn about the backsplash project progress.

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  1. I feel obliged to share my recent jean purchase. I hadn't bought a pair of jeans in a year and a half, and most of my jeans have holes in them so I was kind of desperate for a new pair. I went and tried on some Citizens of Humanity and hated them - definitely not good on my body type. I did, however, find a great pair of Hudson Boot Legs.
    I haven't washed them yet, so the word is still out on whether I will have to get them hemmed. Anyway, I always justify jean cost with a cost per wearing - probably beats out most of the formal dresses in the closet :)