Monday, March 1, 2010

Tip 39: Change your air filter

March comes in like a lion...

And the lion that is my furnace needs a little cleaning.

One item on my March 1 Google calendar to-do list is to replace air filter. DONE!

Tip 39: Invest in air filters that require changing every three months, and mark your calendar when it is time to change your air filter so you can stay on a regular schedule.

Not sure when you last changed your air filter? That's OK. Do it this week, and in three months I'll remind you when it's time again to make a change.

Why do you need to change your air filter? Because I'm a stickler for changing my filter, and this is what it looks like after exactly three months of use as compared to a brand-new filter. Ewwwww.

We buy these 3M Filtrete Ultra Allergen filters, and they last three months. There is also a $3 mail-in rebate here for most 3M filters that expires on March 15, so if you're in the market, jump in! We've bought our filters at Home Depot and most recently in bulk at, where else, Costco.

Here's a handy link to understand the differences among air filters on the market. The filter we use is apparently considered an electrostatic, high-performance filter. We're high performance people, so it fits. Actually, we were looking for a longer-lasting, better-quality filter because we have our two glorious dogs who have lots of hair and like to leave it everywhere.

And if it's too much for you to write your air filter change date on your calendar, and you've decided you won't be reading this blog on June 1, here's another way to remember to change your filter: take a Sharpie and write the change date straight on the cardboard.

Next up....organizational blunders, and small steps to getting on the road to organization.

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