Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring clean yourself 1: Eye make up

With the start of April, I'm usually motivated to focus attention away from my house and onto myself as I prepare to get a little tan and feel a little more alive. I know ladies are always looking for product suggestions. I am not a huge fan of beauty products as I am a medium-to-low-maintenance girl, but I have experimented more in the last few years, and I've found some favorites. So, today I'll start a short series of "Spring Clean Yourself" posts dedicated to some of my tried and true favorites.

Let's start with eyes. Eye make up is my favorite make up.

Product 1: CoverGirl Lash Exact mascara (non-water proof in black)

Mascara is my "desert island" product. I learned this term at a Mary Kay party my friend had four years ago. Although I do not have many products I consider "essentials," I do love the way mascara makes me look awake even if I really am struggling to keep my eyes open.

I like this particular mascara because it doesn't clump and it last a long time; plus, it's cheap!

I've tried lots of mascara brands over the years, including one by Mary Kay, one by Clinique, and the Maybeline line because that's supposed to be the ultimate mascara. I've also tried a variety of CoverGirl mascaras as well. But this CoverGirl Lash Exact kind has remained my favorite. I also know that some people like to wear brown mascara in the summer, but I like the more dramatic effect of black year round.

Product 2: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso Ink

I did not start wearing eyeliner until I started experimenting with make up for our wedding. The lady at the make-up counter in Bloomingdale's really coated this stuff on the first time I wore it and it freaked me out (and Matt, when I got home). But just a little of this stuff goes a long way, and the special Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush helps you apply what you need. I don't wear this every day, but I do notice how it makes me look so much more alive when I have it on, and it makes me look better in photos.

I've had this one tub of eyeliner for four years. Is that bad? I don't think so. It's worked the same throughout my use of it. You can buy this product at most up-scale department stores. I got mine at Bloomingdale's for $21. The espresso ink color on the Web site looks quite brown, whereas in person the eyeliner looks closer to black, at least to me/on me. The brush I also picked up at Bloomingdale's for $25 (yeah, I know, more expensive than I'd like, but it has held up well. Just wash it out each time you apply eyeliner).

And the best part is I just love Bobbi Brown's music. Just kidding.


  1. BB gel liner is my fave too! I wear "black mauve" daily!

  2. I agree LashExact is great. I've also really liked LashBlast, also by CoverGirl, which gives more volume but is probably more likely to clump as a result.