Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring clean yourself 2: Tinted moisturizer

I really hate foundation, so I don't wear it. Maybe one day when my skin tone is even more uneven I will suck it up and make a change, but for now I am content with tinted moisturizer.

Product 3: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain or Nude

I thank my friend Sam for introducing me to this product. Over the years she has introduced me to a lot of products, including a favorite hair product that I will write about later.

I have this moisturizer in two colors to reflect my changing skin tone between fall/winter and spring/summer. I am incredibly white, though thankfully there are people out there even paler than me, so the porcelain color is perfect on my skin tone when I am at my whitest (it is also the lightest color in this line). Nude is one step up from porcelain. If I am really tan, for one or maybe two months out of the year if I've spent enough time at the beach or pool, I skip all tinted moisturizer altogether.

This product contains SPF 20, and I can attest to the fact that it works by itself. Most of the time, though, I wear just good old Oil of Olay underneath the tinted moisturizer to ward off the signs of aging for as long as possible. I also find that a little moisturizer underneath the Laura Mercier product makes it easier to even out coverage.

This product comes in regular and oil-free varieties. A cruel joke of middle school sex ed is that they make it sound like your acne problems will go away after puberty. Maybe they go away after 30? Somehow I doubt it. While my acne is not out of control, I figure the oil-free option is a safer bet.

The coverage, as you can imagine, is light, but I hate the feeling of caked-on foundation. If you struggle with the foundation line that can appear around your jawbone, I have noticed that it is easy to avoid with this product.

You also do not have to use too much of this product for it to work, so one bottle lasts me an entire fall/winter or spring/summer season, sometimes even longer.

I had been buying this at Nordstrom, only to discover that Sephora carries it, and apparently it's one of Sephora's top sellers for $42. Sephora is just more convenient to my house.

Have you found a great foundation? Share!

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