Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring clean yourself 3: Eyebrow gel

If you've got out-of-control, curl-on-their-own-accord eyebrows like me, you may want to seriously consider checking out this next product. I've already got a few ladies hooked on this, and it turns out several other friends discovered it on their own. And, it's another Sephora top seller.

Product 4: Anastasia Brow Gel in clear

To use this item effectively, just make one quick swipe over each eyebrow. It's sort of like a brow hairspray that will keep your brows in place all day. My only gripe with this product is that it can be difficult sometimes to moderate how much makes it onto your brow, so be sure not to have too much gel on the applicator.

You can also buy this product in blonde and brunette varieties at Sephora. There are three more colors you can order directly from the Anastasia Web site: caramel, espresso, and granite. All brow gels cost $21 for this mascara-sized tube that will last you a long time, perhaps years, if you're careful not to over-apply.

Now if you have unruly, totally-out-of-control curly hair covering your head, that's something I've battled my entire life, and that's the subject of the next spring clean yourself post, so stay tuned!

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