Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tip 52: Quiet dogs

Our dogs don't make too much noise, which is a blessing considering they're so big that they could make a lot of noise if they really wanted to. But in the last six months our dogs have gotten even quieter thanks to...

Tip 52: Silence your dogs' tags from rattling around by bundling them together. Our preferred method is the Quiet Spot.

When our dogs move or scratch themselves in the middle of the night or the early morning, there can be a lot of rattling around. Imagine someone shaking a set of keys next to your ears (along the lines of a "key play" football moment) and you can guess that it's not pleasant at 4:30 a.m. At first our solution was to take the dogs' collars off every night before going to bed. But then we'd forget. And our dogs' collars can only be removed by pulling them over their heads, so it takes a little more work.

The Quiet Spot is a way to keep your dog wearing his collar with all its tags, but to keep the rattling from disturbing you. This product is a little neoprene envelope that fits over the dogs' tags and secures itself with velcro in the back.

Here's Doc sporting the red Quiet Spot last week at the beach. (We were in the Outer Banks, our designated beach spot, and next week I will present a restaurant guide to Duck/Kill Devil Hills, so get ready vacationers!).

And here's Maxwell's blue version

This product has withstood wear quite well, and it has never come off. Our dogs basically ignore it. At first I thought they might get annoyed and try to bite it off, but now I think they view it as part of their collars.

We bought our Quiet Spots at a local family-owned pet store (we want to keep them in business!), but it retails for $7.99 and is sold on Amazon.

This is, without a doubt, the single best purchase we've ever made for our dogs.

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