Friday, April 16, 2010

Scallion experiment revisited

Let's take a break from our Outerbanks restaurant guide to examine the bounty in our backyard. Specifically, check out the scallion experiment, one week later.

One scallion, one week ago

The same scallion today, one week later

Looks like it's growing!

Look what else is growing...grass! Really! It's remarkable, and sort of makes me feel a little like Mother Nature. I want to say, "I made that," but really I spread some seed and watered. Let's see if it survives the harsh summer.

Grass in the backyard!

And in less-surprising news, the potted plants are thriving on the deck.

Here's the round planter on the day I planted it 

And here it is today...the snapdargons really took off

Good to know we've made it this far. I'll keep track of these plants and herbs this year, and if the grass should ever come in across the entire yard, that will be a day to celebrate.

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  1. Looks like you have a big green thumb!! I love the potted plant!