Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simple bathroom decor: shells!

After yesterday's post about re-caulking your bathtub, you may be ready to step your bathroom decor up a notch. A few years ago I lined our master bathtub (not to be confused with the master shower, which is one of the two items we re-caulked over the weekend) with shells. I have to say that this is something that, when I look at it every day, it makes me really happy. Seriously. It hasn't worn off. Kind of like an engagement ring, but about 1,000 times cheaper.

I suppose you could store these in a pretty, low basket along this ledge, but for me the shells work by themselves.

We painted our master bathroom a nice, soothing blue soon after we moved in, and these shells give the bathroom a beachy feel. I like the way the white towels we use also work against the blue walls and shell-lined bathtub.

The best thing about these shells is that they're a collection from my childhood. And with each beach trip I go on I try to pick up one new shell, so the collection is ever expanding, but not overwhelming so. As a child I had about 50 different collections -- keychains, stickers, rocks, candy, funky pens and pencils -- and I saved all of them. As an adult it's been fun to figure out how to repurpose these collections around our house. So far I'm loving the shells, but I'm looking forward to finding creative uses for the 79 keychains I have from when I was a kid.

We don't have shells on both sides of the bathtub. Instead, on the other side of the tub I have this basket that holds my different bubble bath products, and behind the basket I have two fans from my brother's wedding. This seems appropriate, given the fact that he and his wife had a beach wedding, so the fans not only add sentimental value, but they also keep with the bathroom's beach theme.

Are there any collections you've repurposed around your house? I'd be interested to hear your ideas!

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