Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tip 53: New York City parking

This evening we got back from a whirlwind trip to New York City for a friend's wedding. The wedding was even more awesome than we could have imagined, and I'm happy to report that our travels were even better than we predicted they would be as well. With several close friends up in New York, we travel there usually a couple times per year. In the past we would take the bus -- first the Chinatown bus, and then we graduated to Bolt Bus/Megabus. Now when Matt and I go up together we find it's easier to drive and find a place to park. At first parking got me a little worried, but then I made a couple discoveries...

Tip 53: Make a parking reservation through, but remember that if you travel on the weekend there's a distinct chance you'll find free street parking.

My sister-in-law, a Jersey native, alerted me to the services offered at Essentially this site allows you to plug in an address and find all the Icon company parking garages in the vicinity. For this trip we were staying with our friends in Chelsea, and we easily found 10 parking garages within several blocks of their apartment. I chose the closest garage and printed out a "reservation" for a weekend parking space (Friday night through Sunday afternoon) for $88. When you make a "reservation" you do not provide any personal information or payment. Instead you print out a receipt that locks you in to an established price should you show up to the garage and need a space. If the designated garage you selected is full when you arrive, your price will be honored at another nearby Icon garage.

This system is great because it provides a guaranteed alternative should you not be able to find street parking. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you will not get taken advantage of should you need to get into a garage. We were fortunate on this trip to find a spot on the street one over from our friends' apartment, so instead of spending $88 to park we spent $0. In the end, though, the Icon parking reservation eased our minds knowing we had a space and a set price should we need it. If you plan to drive and park in New York City, I recommend checking out so you have all your bases covered.

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