Friday, April 9, 2010

Scallion experiment

In a most fortuitous blogging moment, I was checking out our recently revitalized herb garden when I noticed that some scallions planted from seed last year were finally springing up (pun intended) in our garden this weekend. Then I thought about how I want even more scallions in our garden, because we cook with them often.

And then I came across this post on Re-Nest about starting onions the easy way, which involves cutting off the bottom inch of the scallion -- the white part containing the roots -- and simply planting it in the ground or a planter.

So yesterday, because I figured this is free and harmless should it fail, I stuck three scallion roots in the ground.

Here's one...

If this should actually work out, it will be the coolest, easiest gardening I've ever come across! I will keep you posted.

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