Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring clean yourself 7: At the drugstore

I tend to get most of my everyday beauty supplies at drugstores, though several of these "spring clean yourself" posts have shown off some of my pricey items from department or specialty stores. So let's round out this week's series of posts with some drugstore discoveries.

For the best...

Product 11: CVS Pharmacy Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover -- $5.99 (and often on sale -- as it is right now -- for $3.59).

I used to buy the Neutrogena brand that is nearly identical to this, but at $7.99 for the same product it seemed unreasonable not to give it a try. I am getting so much better at buying generic items whenever they are as good as the brand-name equivalent, and I am increasingly discovering that they are usually the same.

Product 12: Cottonballs

I know this seems random, but another money-saving strategy comes into play here. I used to buy those cotton pads for make up removal, but then I discovered how a bag of cotton balls is so much cheaper and lasts so much longer. And at the end of the day, they work just as well.

Product 13: Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 10 -- $5.99

If you've got an obnoxious little zit causing you agony, a little dab of this benzoyl peroxide product overnight will most likely lead to a noted change in the morning. The downside: watch out for your pillowcases! If you need to use this product, try resting your head on an old pillowcase. Easier said than done perhaps, but once you've ruined a couple pillowcases as I have you'll learn your lesson.

Product 14: Avalon Organics Bath and Shower Gel -- assorted fragrances, $7.35 at Amazon

Here's one attempt at removing products from my life containing parabens as well as companies that use animal testing. I hope to use more products that are healthy for me, animals and the planet, and this is a step. Plus, this stuff comes in lots of great scents. Right now I'm using rosemary, and I recently finished a peppermint bottle. They just smell fresh.

For the worst...

Product 15: Alba Botanica Clear Enzyme Deodorant Stick -- $6.45

Here's another attempt at a healthier product, but this was a product fail. The lavender-scented product smells great and is aluminum-free, making it seem like an ideal candidate for a new product, but then I could smell myself by the end of the day, and that never happens. I am a very clean-smelling person. I am waiting for someone to develop an aluminum-free deodorant that won't leave me feeling smelly by 3 p.m.

Product 16: Rimmel Cool Touch Cream Shadow  -- it's super cheap, but...

All I can say is that this a really watery product, and I am now forever a fan of Bobbi Brown eye shadows, which is unfortunate because they are significantly more expensive. Still, I might as well have never bought this product because it's just bad and I have hardly touched it.

The jury's still out...

Product 17: Secret Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant -- $9.99 (though this is another product you'll often find on sale or find a coupon)

I don't have a major sweatiness problem. Instead I'm always looking for ways to combat yellow underarm stains on clothing I'd like to wear for a while. I am not sure if this product is great or not, even though I've been experimenting with it for almost a year. And it's much more expensive than regular deodorant, so I may be switching back soon. You're supposed to apply it at night because that's when your body temperature is the most stable and the product can really go to work. It's supposed to last even after you shower, so the idea is that night-time application should be sufficient to cover you for the entire day. I will say that my new clothes I've purchased since using this stuff have way fewer stains, but I also don't know if this product is as good as plain old deodorant when it comes to keeping you feeling, I don't know...fresh? So if I smell, just tell me.

Ok, now please share: what are your best and worst drugstore products? Got any thoughts on clinical strength deodorant?

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