Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring clean yourself 6: Scar reduction

I realize the subject "Scar reduction" might seem more roller-derby chick than organizing-girly-girl chick, but I suppose this is where those two worlds meet.

I don't have many scars. I guess I have lived a pretty careful life, in case you can't tell from this blog. I  have one on my knee from when I was in second grade, jumped down a flight of stairs and landed on a vacuum cleaner. But other than that, I'm good...until this summer when I met the only animal that has not liked me.

Enter little devil dog. I met her on the Fourth of July at a cookout. She literally attacked my leg -- ran across the kitchen and latched on with her tiny, ferocious teeth. In retrospect I should have kicked her off me, but being a friend to animals I looked down in shock and then watched as the owner quickly pulled her away. In just a second the damage was done. I had a bleeding, swelling gash in my right leg, and all the ice packs in the world couldn't keep a two-inch scar from developing soon after.

With cautious optimism I tried this product in the fall after I noticed that the scar was not going away on its own.

Product 10: Bio-Oil (scar-reduction product)

I picked this up at Wegmans, our local grocery store, and started applying it once a day in the fall, even though the directions recommend using it at least twice daily. As I began to notice results a month or so later, I started getting more serious and began following through with the twice-a-day application. Tip: If you have trouble remembering when to take a medication or follow another personal routine, consider putting your supplies next to your toothbrush; that way each time you brush your teeth you'll be able to more easily incorporate your new routine.

A little of this product goes a long way. The bottle I purchased only contains 2 ounces (here at Amazon for $9.87, though you can likely find it at local drug stores or groceries). If you look closely at the photo you might see how it looks like I've barely made a dent in this bottle in over seven months of use.

This product has been recommended to not only reduce the appearance of scars, but to also even out skin tone and reduce stretch marks. I can't speak to anything but its ability to reduce scars, and for that it has done its job well for me. My once-red line on my leg has been reduced to a smaller, tan mark that continues to fade. Now from a slight distance it's almost invisible.

Maybe nature could have run its course without the aid of this product, but if nothing else I have been pleased to speed that process along.

Coming tomorrow...final spring clean yourself post...best and worst drug store purchases.

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  1. Two years ago I was bite on the face by a dog, which resulted in 3 stitches. I used Mederma and absolutely loved it. You can only tell where one stitch still is, and that's only if you're looking real hard. :)