Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to organize a tailgate: take 2

This year's Foxfield was a great success, and the gods of horseracing smiled down at us, giving us just a few sprinkles of rain at 9 a.m. when were setting up, and then granting us clouds and a little sun for the remainder of the day. As our plot's people kept saying all day, it truly was a Foxfield miracle.

And, what you've been waiting for, Matt and me in 2010. I had to make a last-minute wardrobe change because of the weather and opted not to wear my nicer bridal shower dress in favor of this cheap Old Navy blue dress with a long cardigan (also Old Navy). And I wore sunglasses, but that was later in the day.

Before I share how all the prep work played out on race day, let me share my favorite Foxfield story. The best Foxfield stories usually involve the strangers you meet who are wandering around. This year my friend Christine and I had this awesome encounter on the way to the bathroom:

Me: Wow, that guy is kind of big for a jockey. [pointing at guy 20 feet away wearing riding boots, riding hat and jockey shirt and pants]

Christine: Yeah, maybe, but I don't think he's a real jockey.

Me: Really??? Why would someone do that?

Christine: Because he's a jerk?

[one minute later, standing in line behind  Fake Jockey]

Me: Are you a real jockey?

Fake Jockey: Do you really have curly hair?

Me: Yes, my hair is real.

Fake Jockey: Cool, I like it.

Me: So are you a real jockey?

Fake Jockey: [silence]

[now it's time for Fake Jockey to use the facilities]

Me to fake jockey: Move quickly in there, we're betting on you!
[passers-by snicker and comment on my funny joke, and I feel like I've beaten Fake Jockey at his own game]

But then two minutes later, as Fake Jockey emerges from the bathroom, a 20-something girl comes up, pats him on the shoulder and says, "Great job today!" Oh, well.

On to the prep work: 
We overplanned. Too much food leftover. Here's the most important thing I learned: when planning for Foxfield, take whatever amount of food you think you need, divide it in half, and bring that amount. I will say, though, that the hand sanitizer and toilet paper were huge hits. And I managed to cut my hand when opening a plastic container (ironic, because the Foxfield planners kept us from bringing glass for safety reasons) so I was glad I brought some bandaids.

Here's the food situation:
1) Case of bottled water -- about 5 consumed
2) Big bag of baby carrots -- barely made a dent in this
3) Two containers of hummus -- consumed one
4) Bag of pita chips -- partially gone
5) Container of honey wheat twist pretzels -- barely made a dent
6) Bag of tortilla chips -- half gone
7) Container of salsa -- barely consumed
8) Container of layer dip -- a big hit! All gone!
9) Package of brownie bites -- barely made a dent
10) Two packages of salami -- one consumed
11) Grapes -- all gone!
12) Three containers of cream cheese -- only used one big one
13) Two dozen Bodo's bagels -- about six left
14) Three bottles of lemonade -- all gone!
15) Four bottles of cranberry juice -- two consumed
16) Two bottles of orange juice -- one consumed
17) Three bottles of tonic -- one consumed
18) 2 liter of Diet Coke -- half gone
19) 2 liter of Coke -- unopened
20) 2 liter of ginger ale -- half gone
21) My friend Lindsay's pasta salad -- two-thirds eaten
22) My friend Lindsay's toasted coconut shortbread -- mostly gone
23) My friend Courtney's great peanut butter treats -- I don't know how much got eaten, but I know I had several

We also have some adult beverages to return. So I'd say that, at the end of the day, even though we overplanned, it's better to be in that situation than to run out of supplies.

We had no traffic arriving at Foxfield or departing, clean up and set up only took a few minutes with everyone lending a hand, and for yet another year the rain stayed away from Foxfield. A miracle, indeed.

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  1. I'm fairly certain that I made the dent in the twisty pretzels. Yum! Thanks for organizing a great day.