Thursday, April 15, 2010

Outerbanks restaurant guide: cheap eats

In yesterday's post I introduced you to some of my favorite specialty food spots in Duck, North Carolina. Today, let's look at some cheap eats (full meals, this time, I promise) that you can find in Corolla, Duck, Kitty Hawk, and Kill Devil Hills in the Outerbanks.  

Inexpensive restaurants
Bad Bean Taqueria
Location: Corolla, in the Timbuck II shopping center; new location in Kill Devil Hills
Food: Tex-Mex (or Cali-Mex, as they like to say)
Price: order-at-the-counter experience; inexpensive chicken and beef tacos, more expensive shrimp and tacos

This little taco store with a surfer-dude vibe just expanded beyond its one and only Corolla location and opened another restaurant in Kill Devil Hills. Matt is partial to the mahi tacos, we both like the shrimp tacos, and I could eat two baskets of chips and salsa by myself in one me.

Chili Peppers
Location:  Kill Devil Hills, mile post 5.5
Food: Tex-Mex, spicy American, seafood (and steamer menu)
Price: full-service restaurant; dinner entrees $8-$15

Keeping with the Tex-Mex theme, this is one restaurant you can count on being open year-round in the Outerbanks. In fact, over winter break Matt and I dined here twice for lack of other dining options, and also because it's just so consistently pleasing. I'm a fan of the chicken quesadilla, but you really can't go wrong with this inexpensive menu. You'll often find good beer specials as well.

Rundown Cafe
Location: Kitty Hawk, mile post 1, on Beach Road
Food: described as "Caribbean, Pacific Rim-influenced cuisine," but I can only really comment on their fried chicken...
Price: full-service restaurant; dinner entrees $7-11

Here's the thing...this place wins the "best place to eat fried chicken in the Outerbanks" award. Go here on a Monday night and you get a fried chicken dinner special that includes either a quarter-chicken or half-chicken plus garlic mashed potatoes, greens (last time I was there it was green beans -- with bacon!) and cornbread, all for a reasonable price I can no longer find online, but you'll just have to trust my frugality that it's cheap.

Kill Devil Grill
Location: Kill Devil Hills, mile post 9.75, on Beach Road
Food: American diner
Price: full-service restaurant; dinner entrees $8-17

Keeping with the fried-chicken theme, let's put it in a salad and get a Southern Fried Chicken salad, which comes with the accurate menu description: "The KDG [Kill Devil Grill salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, cukes & croutons tossed with house vinaigrette] kicked up with corn, bacon, potato sticks, buttermilk garlic dressing and SFC [Southern Fried Chicken]." This concoction comes for the reasonable price of $9.25. And let me suggest getting blue cheese dressing on the side, because, you know, I love blue cheese, and I don't want to cry again. 

This restaurant is deceivingly large and super cute, with a classic diner feel and friendly service. And I think their adorable logo says it all...

But, you're ready for a night on the town, right? Good! Let's get classy in our final installment of the Outerbanks restaurant guide and blow all our money on some expensive meals!

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  1. Kill Devil Grill was great! Ah, how I miss my time in the Outter Banks.
    Loved Mexi-Cali on the Beach Rd. that had $1 Taco and Beer night. It was perfect for me since I got a small stipend interning for USFW on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge. And loved going to Junkanoo's for coffee.
    Thanks for posting.