Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love World Market jewelry!

It's a dreary day here in the D.C.-metro area, so let's liven things up with something fun: jewelry!

Over the weekend, amidst small home improvements and errands, I stopped in at World Market. Now, I was looking for a small rug for the basement, but I walked out with some fantastic, inexpensive jewelry. A few weeks ago when I took you inside my master closet, I said that World Market is a great place to buy chunky, inexpensive jewelry, but I did not back that statement up with evidence (tsk tsk, English teacher). Well, here's the evidence!

Exhibit A: Earrings

Here are the brushed, faux-gold ones I bought for $4.99

Exhibit B: Bracelet

Here is the wide cuff bracelet I bought for $9.99

Saturday night when we were out at dinner the hostess asked me if my bracelet was jade, and I proceeded to tell her, "No, it's a totally cheap World Market bracelet." She had never heard of World Market, but she seemed converted, so hopefully she'll enjoy some inexpensive jewelry, too!

Exhibit C: Necklace

Here is the long, faux-gold necklace I bought for $9.99

One note: I am fortunate not to have sensitive skin, so this kind of inexpensive jewelry does not irritate my skin. I know that's not true of everyone, and some ladies may not be able to make do with these purchases.

Another note: If you go to the World Market website, you won't be able to find these items. Instead, you'll find more expensive jewelry, most of which is not carried in stores (and frankly, most of which looks a little cheesy for my tastes).

I realize that these purchases are, by definition, impulse buys, but I don't make impulse buys often (shocker!) because I'm such a planner. I got all this jewelry for around $25, whereas I know I can easily pay $25 or more for one piece of chunky jewelry at a regular clothing store. So, with these thoughts in mind, I justify this purchase. Plus, I am trying to restrain myself when it comes to buying clothes. Accessories are a great way to make old outfits look new, right? Right!

Speaking of not buying clothes, here's something I fell in love with this weekend that I kept myself from buying. You can find it here from The Limited for $98 (again, I showed restraint). Maybe one of you can buy it for yourself (or send me a coupon, if you have one!).

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