Monday, February 1, 2010

Tip 12: Cords!

I long for the day when all electronic devices will be cord-free, especially vacuum cleaners (how annoying is it to move that cord around every room and every object?). But, I accept the reality I am given. In the meantime, I have a drawer full of cords -- chargers, USB cords for cameras, iPod cords -- you name it. Unhappy with this mess, I devised a new system...

Tip 12: Use a small drawer organizer to store all your loose cords.

I love the idea of repurposing old items, so I dug around in a closet and found a bead know, from back when I was 11 and my friend and I decided to start a beaded apparel company. (Spolier alert: it did not work out.) Now those compartments that used to house all my beads now house my coiled up cords, and I love it. I keep the cord organizer in one of the drawers in my desk so I can easily access it from my computer. Out of drawer space? Store it in your closet.

I got my drawer organizer for free (well, I guess I bought it in 1993 at a craft store) by repurposing an old item. Here's a similar idea of a drawer organizer you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond. If you must buy something new, don't spend much money on this purchase. After all, it's just for cords.

In the end, keeping all your cords organized in one place will save you time searching for that cord before you upload your photos, and it will save you money, because although you can buy the replacement parts for cheap on Amazon, why would you want to?

Here are two more items in that drawer that are not cords:
  • a memory card reader: I bought this to use with my students who are uploading photos from a variety of cameras. This little gadget is great because if you've got multiple cameras and lots of cords, you might be able to downsize with this one item. It can read five different sizes of memory cards, and it only costs $1.77 (plus $2.99 for shipping). Sure, it's not the most sturdy item out there, but it lasts for probably as long as you'll have your camera (before you upgrade) and it's about one-tenth of the cost of comparable products.
  • a neoprene digital camera case: Matt found ours on eBay from an Australian maker several years ago, but now there are tons of similar items on the market. Made out of the same material as a wet suit, this bad boy will keep your electronics dry even if, say, your camera is in your pocket during a torrential downpour, and everyone else you know faced camera casualties that day.

Next up...Google reader!

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