Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tip 34: Card organization #1

It's day four of mail week, and so far we've looked at how to get rid of mail (shred and recycle!), how to cut down junkmail (lots of helpful Web sites!) and how to manage bills (use e-bill and online bill pay). But none of those are very fun. You know what is fun? Actual mail. You can be a part of sending actual mail in the actual mail...

Tip 34: Use (buy or create) a greeting card organizer with dividers so you can easily store cards for special occasions.

My greeting card organizer was actually an unintentional purchase. It's from Costco, and it came filled with cards pre-sorted in various categories. I can't remember if I bought this or if Matt's parents bought this for us (a likely scenario), but I used up the cards long ago and kept the box as a helpful organizational tool.

Here it is from the outside. It's about the width of two side-by-side shoe boxes. (Side note: I love the way it closes: there are magnets on the front flap and right inside the box that make a satisfying "snap" when you close it.)
Open it up, and find these nifty dividers.

Here are the divider categories, in case you can't read them all:
  • Gift enclosure cards
  • Birthday
  • New baby
  • Get well
  • Sympathy
  • Thank you
  • Wedding/love
  • Friendship/blank
I have a couple cards in each section. I'll go to a Hallmark store maybe twice a year and stock up on cards. There have been a lot of wedding cards in the last four or five years, and now the trend is baby cards (pattern, anyone?). I try to get cards with certain people in mind so that I can avoid generic or boring cards as much as possible. I file them away in here to save for the wedding, shower, anniversary, birthday or baby's arrival.

How do I remember your birthday? I put it into my Google calendar, and I made it an event that reoccurs annually so I'll never forget!

In the front of second half of the box I have a bunch of blank cards and stationery, which are great for quick notes. While the vast majority of everyday communication with my friends takes place electronically, and I know a lot of people send e-cards or even just e-mails to celebrate events (and I do that, too) I still like to send my long-distance friends some occasional mail love. Doesn't getting a card in the mail make your day?

I've also increasingly gotten into making cards. If you've been following this blog for a while, you might recall that as a child I teamed up with some pool friends to create a "Beaded Apparel" company, where we would sew beads onto shirts. Well, I also ran a company called "Everything Cards, Etc." where my neighbor frenemy (not you, Rene) and I would make cards in her grandparents' basement and sell them from a table on the side of our street. Kind of like an alternative to the lemonade stand. As silly as it was, I kind of missed making cards. So, I started it up again. Now my main supply for my greeting card box is some envelopes I bought at Michael's and some cardstock paper.

If you want to make a box like this yourself, take an over-sized shoe box, take some cardstock paper to serve as dividers, and go to town. I would not have purchased this if I didn't inadvertently own it already.

Next got a card in the mail. Now what?


  1. I have the very same card organizer! I've added a section for 'Holidays' and also stock up on Valentines, Mother's Day, and Halloween cards (often on sale post-holiday season).

  2. my birthday is August 28 - make sure it's in your calendar :)

  3. Katy, of course it's in my calendar. Who do you think I am? :)