Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tip 11: Google calendar

I used to be a big proponent of the day planner or the hand-written calendar. I like tangible items, checklists, items to cross off. That is, I used to be, until I discovered...

Tip 11: Sign up for Google calendar

Most people I know already use Gmail as their primary personal e-mail program, so adding on the perks of Google calendar is a small endeavor with a lot of perks. Here's why I love it:
  • Calendar views: You can see your day's agenda, one week, or one month.
  • Calendar sharing options: This is probably the best aspect of this program. You can choose which users have access to your calendar and vice versa. So, Matt and I share calendars. All of his items are in blue and mine are in pink (cute, I know). When we want to make plans, it's great to see both his agenda and mine simultaneously. There are some communal calendars to choose from as well, such as one that gives you all US holidays.
  • Scheduling events: You can create one-time events, but you can also create recurring events. So, our dogs get their monthly medicine each month on the 15th, so I set that up as a recurring event, or at work I have meetings that happen once a month, and I can schedule them accordingly. I love the "set it and forget it" concept.
  • Importing events: The Google calendar program allows you to take invitations, such as Evites, and automatically plugs the event information into your calendar.
  • Event reminders: Much like the Outlook calendar, the Google calendar sends you an alert when an event is about to take place.

Like all things organization, the trick to using Google calendar is to put in your upcoming events as soon as you find out about them. Thankfully, Matt is good about this as well. And, Droids come fully equipped with all Google programs, so it's easy to have my calendar on me at all times. Yes, Google is taking over the world and my life, but I am kind of OK with that.

Next up...organizing all your cords!

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