Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snowtastic time: Make the most of a snow day (or week)!

As all you D.C.-area people head out to get your supplies for the impending snow storm, also think about how you'd like to spend your time while you're buried under 18-24 inches of snow. They've already canceled classes in several school districts (including my own) and the Federal Government has issued an unscheduled leave policy. Plot prediction: People will use it liberally. So, looks like many of us will have time on our hands tomorrow. Let's make the most of it!

Here are some activities you can do at home, with a little preparation:
  • Paint a room. I know it sounds a little ambitious, but I would say half the painting in our house has taken place on snow days. And, it requires a little money and a few supplies: the paint, rollers, roller covers, roller tray, brushes, painter's tape, an edger tool, and an extension pole (if you also have ridiculously high ceilings).
  • Do that craft project you always meant to do but never did. I have two special projects lined up for tomorrow, and I'll share the photos when the projects are done. If you shop at Michael's for craft supplies, don't forget (as I almost did yesterday) that when you sign up for online coupons, they send you 60 percent off coupons to use, as opposed to the standard 40 percent off coupons in the Sunday circulars.

And here are some activities you can do at home with what you've already got:
  • Organize those digital photos. I also plan to order some from a site recommended by my friend Lindsay -- I need to replace some of the wedding photos hanging on what seems like all our walls. I am ready to take that step, but I will keep some weddings photos up, never fear! Once my photos arrive in the mail I'll post a report.
  • Make a coffee table book of your digital photos. I am partial to Here are some example pages from the wedding album I made there and here is a link to our awesome photographer Chris Baltazar.

  • Clean out your closet. I'll post more in the future about closet organization, but for now, get out some big bags and prepare to fill them with all the shoes and clothes you haven't worn in at least a year. I know some people follow the "if it hasn't been worn in two years then I'll toss it" rule, but frankly, if you haven't worn it in a year, you're not going to. By the time you gain or lose weight, those clothes will be out of style and you'll want new clothes anyway. Then, figure out where you'll donate the clothes once the roads clear.
  • Clean out and organize your pantry. Check all expiration dates. Group items by genre and frequency of use.
  • Clean out your fridge. Give it a thorough scrubbing in all compartments, shelves, draw units. Don't forget the freezer. I sometimes forget that frozen foods still have a shelf life.
  • Organize your recipes. Here's my post about making a recipe notebook. Even if you don't have all the recipe notebook supplies, at least gather all your recipes and develop a filing system.
  • Arrange your books and/or DVDs. I like to organize my books by genre (and sometimes, for aesthetic purposes, by color!). It's amazing how much better a streamlined bookcase can look than one that's overflowing with materials.

  • Plan your upcoming vacation! I will be reading the rest of our Lonely Planet Spain travel book, and then I'll take a stab at the Italy book for our upcoming three-week vacation this July.
  • File your taxes. I would like to do this, but we're still waiting on one final tax document....grrrr.
And, don't forget to:
  • take a nap
  • watch a movie
  • go through your DVR
  • check out OnDemand
  • read a book
  • start a journal (or blog?!)
  • catch up on your blog reading
  • play video games
  • develop make-shift skis
  • write someone you miss an e-mail
  • break out that camera for some phenomenal photos
Next up...the Droid post, for real this time!


  1. I will be doing some scrapbooking (supplies already purchased and just waiting to be assembled) and major cleaning. Enjoy your day(s) off!!!

  2. If you haven't checked out – check that site out as well. I'm a graphic designer, so I'm super picky with book layouts, and I adore them. And their customer service is amazing.

    They send out lots of coupons too, if you sign up for their e-mails.