Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tip 18: Web site bookmarking

I used to bookmark all these great Web sites -- mostly sites about teaching journalism -- to my Internet Explorer on my work laptop. But then I have to turn in my work laptop for a few weeks each summer, the tech people clean out the memory, and my bookmarks are gone. One of my goals in life is to stop reinventing the wheel, particularly when it comes to my job as a teacher, so I had to come up with a new system. Then I discovered...

Tip 18: Save and categorize all your bookmarks by opening a account. is the organized, tech-savvy person's best friend. There are other sites out there, like, which I also signed up for, but in the end won me over because I found it slightly more user-friendly. I was more concerned about bookmarking my own sites and not necessarily sharing my finds with others (not because I'm selfish, but because, frankly, not that many people would care about all my scholastic journalism bookmarks).

Why use
  • Categorize your bookmarks -- One item can be placed into multiple categories, if needed. So far I have 509 bookmarks divided into 97 categories.
  • Access your bookmarks anywhere -- Unlike bookmarking your favorite sites to your computer, you can access from any computer or smartphone, and your bookmarks never go away, even when your computer inevitably does.
  • Keep personal and professional sites in one place -- As a teacher, it's a great resource when I'm trying to find sites related to a certain lesson I'm preparing. I also use when planning a trip or finding ideas for a home-improvement project. It seems like a great place to keep sites if you're looking for a house, planning a wedding,  getting ready for a baby, investigating jobs, adopting a pet...all kinds of life events for which you're no doubt seeking advice!
Next up...signing up for e-mail coupons.

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