Monday, February 1, 2010

Tip 13: Google Reader

I have to preface today's bonus post by saying that Technology Week here at Literally Organized is dedicated to my husband Matt, the go-to guy for any electronics/technology question. With that preface, let me express my excitement from this morning when I was keeping up with all my blogs on Google Reader and Matt asked, "What is Google Reader?" Wait, I know something about technology that Matt does not know? Who else does not know about this amazing tool?

Tip 13: Sign up for Google Reader, a one-stop shop for all your blog updates.

I was getting tired of visiting my top blogs and being disappointed when I didn't see any updates. (I mean, who doesn't update their blog every day?) So, rather than getting my hopes up, I launched Google Reader, yet another Google creation that has gotten me hooked.

Organizing a Google Reader subscription is about as easy as bookmarking something in your Web browser. Once you add a subscription, it will show up on your page. Each time you log on, you'll see your subscriptions, and the ones that have been updated since your last log in will be in bold. Then you've got your own little virtual book of blogs.

And, some time soon, I promise to link to all my favorite blogs here.

Next up...dealing with your digital photos.

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