Monday, February 8, 2010

Great Target find

OK, I know it's a bit ironic that I just posted about not spending money, but today we made a wonderful purchase that has helped bring together an entire I can't resist.

When we first moved into our house a friend generously donated some furniture which included a small end table/bookcase (we used it as the latter). It sat in our dining room, which is also essentially part of our kitchen, as our place to house cookbooks (and the famous recipe notebook) as well as our mail organizer and Matt's guy-pocket-emptying space (more on that later). Then it started falling apart.

Here's the entire bookcase, serving its multiple organizational purposes:
And here's a close up of the wear and tear it has taken over the years (safety hazard!):
We've been in the market for a new bookcase for a while, but everything we found was either the wrong size, the wrong color, or the wrong price. Then I found this lovely piece of furniture in Sunday's Target circular for $55. We went for the two-shelf bookcase in espresso. It's closest in size to our original bookcase and we're happy with that, but the rest of the dining room has dark wood furniture, so we needed a new color.

When we got home (first trip since the snow hit!) Matt asked if I wanted his help assembling the furniture. I said no. Furniture assembling is not good for any marriage, ours included. There should be a reality show called "IKEA Hell" where the couple who is able to assemble the greatest number of pieces of furniture without filing for divorce wins a million dollars...I digress.

Two hours later, I had my beauty. It has really changed the whole space.

View from (slightly) above:

Mr. Classy in his new environs:
By having the mail organizer on an inside shelf it actually hides the organizer a little, which I like. And, you'll notice the little container is still on top of the bookcase. That one, while not beautiful, is non-negotiable because it's the guy-pocket-emptying space I mentioned earlier. Before I made that little purchase early in our marriage, Matt would come home and take all the contents of his pockets and put them on the kitchen counter. It got old fast. So I created this little space to be his cubby.

Now I need to get those shelves to match the bookcase, but that's a project for another (snow) day.

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  1. I like that in your 2nd picture of your new bookcase, I can see the edges of the grosgrain deep blue ribbon that you already added to your wreath project from the other day! Everything looks quite lovely! :)