Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tip 21: Magazine ideas

The March issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived in our mailbox the one day we've gotten mail in the last five days, and it is ironically the gardening issue. I don't want the good ideas to go to waste in the spring when I'm ready for them, so I save them for later...

Tip 21: Cut out ideas from your favorite magazines and glue them in an idea book.

It used to be I would read magazines, get inspired, put the magazine back on the shelf and never think of it again. Then I took an empty scrapbook I found in my closet and started pasting pictures and articles into it.

My idea book includes tips for:
  • decorating
  • gifts
  • crafts
  • party themes
  • funky gadgets
  • hair and make-up
  • health and fitness

You'll notice that I keep my recipe ideas separate in my recipe notebook.

Now when I read a magazine, I dog-ear the pages I like. Sometimes I'm even inspired by an advertisement or something small inside a larger photo. Then I break out the scissors and use minimal glue (magazine pages are thin!). When I want an entire article that's several pages long, I'll glue along the left-hand edge of the pages and turn it into a miniature book.

Supplies ready to go...

Pretty pages (these ones are from the summer...Fourth of July sundaes and picnic ideas)

Several pages from a longer article all glued together...(this one is about an artist named Darcy Miller who creatively froze her favorite memories with her daughters in shadowboxes and then turned the project into a gallery exhibit. Seems like a cool idea for parents!)

I could have thought ahead and organized the book into sections in advance, but I actually kind of like the random nature of my book because it's full of pretty things I get to flip through each time I'm looking for an idea.

As you cut down on your magazine clutter, don't forget to recycle your old magazines! I had one heavy recycling bin over the summer when I started my book.

Here are my favorite additions to my idea book from the March issue of Martha Stewart Living:
  • Homemade garden pots -- these look so cool!
  • Paw-print pet treats -- yes, this makes me a crazy pet owner. I have never cooked for the dogs, but maybe I'll try this.
  • Tower of herbs -- I can't find a link to this online, but the basic idea is to take five planters, turn two of them upside down inside two others and create this planter tower that's three planters high. Sounds like a great idea for people who want to grow herbs in small spaces. The finished product looks something like this.

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