Friday, February 26, 2010

Bonus green product post: Fun new alarm clock

Three weeks ago when Matt's cheap, old IKEA alarm clock ticked its last tock, I did not mourn its loss. Instead I danced a jig. I hated that alarm clock. It was plastic and puke green, and IKEA doesn't appear to carry it anymore.

So of course I had to replace it. I scanned some favorite blogs and found this neat post on re-nest: Eco-Friendly and Stylish Alarm Clocks. Sounds good!

One missed package and one trip to the post office later, I have this. (Side note: Yes, it's really annoying that they made me sign for my $30 alarm clock, but whatever, it came all the way from Hong Kong):

A triangular block of wood?!
No, silly, a funky alarm clock, the likes of which you have (probably) never seen.

By day it is, in fact, just a block of wood.

By night it transforms into an awesome time, date and temperature reader.


I haven't figured out how to make the temperature part accurate, but I haven't tried that hard either. One day it read 63 degrees, which would be nice, and then the next day it read 19 degrees. On both days it should have read between 35 and 40 degrees.

What makes it eco-friendly? The fact that during the day you press a button and the clock goes into sleep mode, conserving energy. It also came in very little packaging.
What doesn't make it eco-friendly? The fact that it came by way of Hong Kong, which is pretty far away, and then on top of all that I had to go to the post office when the package could have been left on my doorstep. Oh well.

Where can you get yours? Here, from this weird little company called Homeloo.

The irony? Matt thinks the light the alarm clock gives off at night is too bright. So I think I will take my Sony Dream Machine that I've had since I was about 14 and put it on Matt's side of the bed, and I'll take funky eco clock for my side. After all, I'm not as light-sensitive as he is.

Next up....back to mail week!

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