Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tip 17: Snow shoveling

Well, it looks like technology week is merging with snow week, so I will continue to post on both subjects.

We've got well over two feet of snow today, and Matt has been our resident snow shoveler. He picked up this little tip from today's local news (that is apparently running 24-hour snow coverage):

Tip 17: When shoveling, coat your shovel in vegetable oil so that snow won't stick to it.

While Matt was outside doing the initial car clean off, I gathered the supplies:
  • several tablespoons of canola oil (we don't use vegetable oil)
  • a bowl
  • a couple paper towels

Matt coated the shovel, and he has reported much greater ease shoveling with the oil-coated shovel as compared to the non-oiled shovel.

Happy shoveling, all you D.C.-area denizens!

Below, Matt with Doc, who is a 70-pound lab mix (to put things in perspective)
Below, the dogs enjoy a break in the tennis courts (Max, the black lab mix, is 85 pounds)

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