Sunday, June 6, 2010

BPA update

In her comment on my post on Wednesday regarding the book Slow Death by Rubber Duck, reader Mrs. B reminded us of the concern regarding BPA in plastic baby bottles. I'm glad she brought this up. Much of the BPA chapter in Slow Death by Rubber Duck focuses on BPA in children's items, baby bottles in particular. In fact, the authors successfully lobbied the Canadian government (both authors are Canadian) to ban children's items containing BPA.

Two years ago, when problems with BPA were really entering the national spotlight, I got rid of our BPA water bottles and upgraded to Sigg bottles. Of course, then about a year later Sigg announced a voluntary trade-in of its water bottles that may (or may not) be lined with BPA.

The couple that drinks out of Sigg bottles together stays together.

Thinking more about BPA got me thinking about my Oxo Pop Canisters that I love so much. These containers are made of hard plastic, so yesterday I flipped them over to find the number label. I suspected #7 plastic, the kind known for containing BPA, and I was right. But, I was pleasantly surprised to read underneath the #7 (found inside the recycling symbol) the word "other" and then below that the letters BPA crossed out inside a circle. No BPA! Hooray!

Can you spot the anti-BPA symbol? Look closely!

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