Monday, June 7, 2010

Tip 59: Simple syrup squeeze bottle

You know what I love about summer? Mojitos. You know what I hate about mojitos? Sticky simple syrup and all the work involved. Solution...

Tip 59: Make a batch of simple syrup you can store in an old-fashioned, restaurant-style squeeze bottle and store in your fridge for instant mojitos.

Aside from the simple syrup component, mojitos are actually a pretty easy-to-prepare beverage, but Matt and I noticed that the simple syrup is really what was holding us back. Who wants to boil sugar and water every time you make a mojito? (Our simple syrup is 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar.)

Oh little squeeze bottle. So humble, so efficient.

When Matt had the brilliant idea to store simple syrup in a squeeze bottle, it revolutionized our mojito experiences. Now the greatest amount of work that goes into making a mojito is muddling some mint from our garden with some limes, and the rest is cake (or club soda and rum, as the case may be).

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