Thursday, June 17, 2010

31 proms

With my high school students' graduation this evening, I thought it was fitting that we just received our latest installment of prom photos. And by we, I mean Matt and me, and by prom photos, yeah, I literally mean prom photos.

One of the weird things about being a teacher is that you could, theoretically, go to prom 31 times (once for real when you yourself were in high school, and then 30 years of teaching, if any of us make it that long). Or you could be a teacher married to a teacher, so you could wind up going to 61 proms. Fortunately, Matt and I satisfy our prom quota only once a year. We opt for his school's prom over mine. He's involved in student government, so technically he has a need to show his face, and I operate under the philosophy that as the newspaper adviser at my school, I show my face plenty enough.

A hilarious aspect of faculty time spent at prom is the complimentary photo shoot you can engage in. Matt and I embrace this opportunity to take a ridiculous photo in front of a ridiculous background. We have seven years of teaching under our belts, and we've managed to attend six proms. We missed one year, and another year we left too early to get our lovely photo.

So, in the spirit of someone who keeps all her prom photos in one place, I thought I would present you with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

2004 -- the end of our first year of teaching. We are young and tired. It was a rough year.

2005 -- the end of the one year when we taught at the same high school, right before Matt went back to grad school. If is looks like I'm smiling sarcastically in this photo, it's because I am.

Better, though, is this cute candid one our yearbook adviser snapped of us that same year. A photo of us having a photo taken? Very meta.

2006 -- left early

2007 -- the old married couple...we approach our one-year wedding anniversary, and I think we look like real estate agents.

2008 -- no prom for us.

2009 -- repeat 2007's dress? Check! Also, I have a ghostly pallor.

2010 -- here we are a couple weeks ago, participating in what I like to refer to as "casual prom."

Maybe after 13 years of teaching I'll get one of those frames parents fill with their children's photos from kindergarten through senior year to proudly display these ridiculous photos. Until then, they will remain in a big envelope in my office closet.

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  1. I would buy a house from you two any day of the week :)