Sunday, June 27, 2010

Europe shoes!

On the last day of school on Thursday Matt and I did a little shopping. Emphasis on a little. Most shockingly, Matt wanted to go shopping, especially because he needed some items for our European vacation. I wanted some closed-toed shoes I could wear while sightseeing and not look like a total dork.

I found some affordable shoes at DSW. These are Privos, which are made by Clarks.

These have good ventilation -- let's be real, there is no way I'll be wearing socks at any point this summer, unless I go to the gym, and that will also likely be rare, given my track record. They also have good traction -- not that I'll be hiking anything serious, but I won't be falling down any ancient roads, either. And they have Velcro! Man, I haven't had Velcro since I was five. Most importantly, though, the shades of gray mean they won't show dirt too much during our three-week trip, and they will go with more outfits.

I'm breaking these in by wearing them on long dog walks. I'm also getting some Moleskin, at Matt's recommendation, especially because my left foot is slightly shorter than my right foot, so that foot tends to get more blisters.

I'll still be bringing flip flops and nicer shoes to wear when we're doing less strenuous tourist activities, like grabbing food in between siestas, but these will be good for staring at the Sistine Chapel and exploring La Alhambra.

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  1. I bought some Privos when I went to Prague and Vienna a couple of years ago and I can vouch that they are indeed good Europe shoes!