Friday, January 29, 2010

Tip 9: Canisters

It's the end of the week, you've cooked all your meals, and now you have some leftover ingredients.  What do you do?

Tip 9: Invest in some quality canisters!

Today's post is dedicated to my friend Laura, the one who inspired me to fill my house with canisters, and who decided to go ahead and have her first baby yesterday (way to go, Laura!). After seeing Laura's beautifully organized pantry, I knew what I needed...lots and lots of canisters.

But I bought some and they broke. The problem? Plastic latches. Never again! (Apparently, Crate and Barrel no longer sells them, either.)

These ones below from Linens n' Things look nice on the counter, and they hold our most-often used items: flour, sugar, kosher salt, coffee beans. Now that Linens n' Things is out of business, you can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond.

For inside the pantry, I have loved these Oxo Pop Containers that come in both square and rectangular shapes. They are not the prettiest, but they are super heavy duty and will increase the shelf life of your food. We use these more for bulk items: dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, Goldfish crackers (of course), and more coffee beans. Buy these canisters at Bed Bath and Beyond, too, and don't forget your 20 percent off coupons!
Speaking of coffee, I buy my beans from a coffee company called Crop 2 Cup. The owner buys beans directly from the farmers he knows in Uganda and then sells them to us Americans. The beans are great quality, the price is good, and the shipping is always fast. Plus, you feel slightly more connected to your cup o' joe.

That wraps us up for food week, though I am sure there will be more food-inspired posts in the future!

Next day 1: Internet finances.

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