Sunday, June 13, 2010

Homeowner duties: window screen repair

You never really take a moment to reflect on every last detail that comes with a house until you own one, or at least I didn't. One of these discoveries happened this weekend, when Matt and I attempted to check off one seemingly small item off our home-improvement list.

I bet you haven't devoted too much of your life to thinking about window screens. Me neither.

We only had to think about window screens because we own dogs, and those dogs have long toe nails, even though we get them trimmed with regularity. Those toe nails create scrapes on the window screens, which turn into tears, which let in bugs and defeat the purpose of even having window screens.

Or, in this case, to be precise, two window screens and one sliding door screen.

Guilty: Window screen destroyers!

So we called Home Depot.

"Do you repair window screens?"

"No, but here's the name of a guy who does."

Then we called Lowes.

"Hey Lowes, do you repair window screens?"

Ten minutes later, same answer: "no."

We took the Home Depot suggestion and found ourselves this morning in front of a Public Storage unit where a man keeps all his window-screen repair supplies. One hour and one trip to Starbucks later, we had ourselves three newly covered window screens. The entire operation set us back $90. I realize this isn't chump change, and maybe with greater planning and research I could have figured this out and DIYed it, but it just wasn't going to happen this time.

A key to successful home ownership is knowing your strengths and what you can take on. There are lots of times when I want to do something myself, and with a little extra effort, I usually succeed. But then there are times like this when Matt and I find ourselves driving down the road, his hatch back completely up with three window screens sticking out the back on our way to some random storage unit because we'd rather let someone else do it.

And now, something you won't see in our window: unnecessary quotation marks!

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