Friday, January 28, 2011

Snug as a bug in a...?

And so the great rug search of 2011 begins! I took advantage of yesterday and today's snow days to scour the Internet for rug possibilities for the foyer. You'll recall that a week and a half ago poor little Maxwell destroyed our old entryway rug through no fault of his own. Maxwell seems fully recovered, though this latest round of winter weather -- and the subsequent chemicals all over our neighborhood -- appear to now be affecting Doc's digestive system, though not nearly as badly.

Our latest winter weather has also demonstrated our need for a rug in our foyer. Even though we go through the garage and take off our boots before entering the house and even wipe the dogs' paws (mostly to avoid another major dog accident in the house) we are still traipsing chemicals and dirt around, and a new rug could help contain some of that mess.

The space we're dealing with would accommodate a rug no larger than 7' by 11'. Although we can go smaller, I don't want to go smaller than 5' by 8' because I want the rug to cover the space from the front door to the garage door on the side.

I also want to bring some fun color to the space, inspired by the pillows on the entryway bench. I'm thinking of matching the rug to either the blue/aqua color or the green, though I'm presently leaning toward the blue/aqua because it has a little more pop.
So far I've done in-store browsing at Target and Home Goods (no dice) and I also checked out IKEA virtually (no dice either). I also browsed online at Crate and Barrel, one of my go-to stores.

Then, inspired by Lauren at WithTwoCats who was fastidious in her rug search, I decided to branch out to some sites I've never tried before, namely West Elm, Dwell Studio, Overstock, CSN Rugs and Rugs USA. I have to say, I'm particularly impressed with the selection and search-capabilities of both CSN Rugs and Rugs USA's websites.

My browsing on CSN Rugs has shown me that I truly have an affinity for all things Amy Butler, but thankfully this pretty rug is not currently available and a little too small as well. I say thankfully because the price is definitely not right.
Here are the few that have tickled my fancy so far (paired side-by-side with the inspirational pillow!):
Option 1 from Crate and Barrel:
Option 2 from West Elm: UPDATE: After seeing this rug in person, it's out of the running. I love the style, but the rug itself is too thin for a substantial entryway rug.

Option 3 from CSN Rugs by Thomas Paul:

Option 4 also from CSN Rugs by Thomas Paul:

Option 5 from Rugs USA:

Option 6 also from Rugs USA:
So now I have two questions for you, and I'd love your feedback:
1) If you were picking one of these six rugs for this space, which one would you choose?
2) Where else should I look for rugs?

Thanks for any advice you can throw my way! Have a great weekend!


  1. I've gotta disagree about #2. I'm kind of torn. I like the solid color of #1...very soothing. The pattern of #3 matches nicely but not crazy about the color. I would choose #4 if I weren't trying to match it to anything, but I think I'd still choose it for your space.

  2. I like #6. It has a similar style as the pillows. The colors in most of them match really well, but the styles are not necessarily the same. Also, a lot of those have white in them. With this being a frequent pass through, the white may be difficult to maintain.

  3. I love, love, love #3! It is bold and patterned, but not too busy. I would def. pick it.

    #6 is my second place. I really like it a lot.

    I like the color of #1, but it is so plain. #5 is okay, but very busy. I don't like #4 at all.

    You hit all the places I would think of for rugs. I think you have a very good selection going.

  4. I'm really (really) late here, but I vote number two or six!