Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good dog

Today we said goodbye to someone who has been a loyal member of our household for the past four years. No, not the dog, though Maxwell is about to celebrate his fourth birthday, and Maxwell did play an important role in today's story. Fortunately, today we only had to say goodbye to our entryway rug.

Something has been up with the dogs' stomachs for the past few days. As I was leaving work today around 4:30, slightly later than I wanted to be there, I get a call from Matt saying something along the lines of, "Where are you?" followed by, "Well, I'm going to have to throw away the entryway rug."

Apparently this afternoon our entryway rug entered a small battle with Maxwell, and Maxwell won.

How then, you ask, could I name this post "Good dog"?

Because Maxwell tried so hard to be good. He really did. It is literally written all over his face. After clearly suffering through what must have been hours of intense intestinal anguish, Maxwell tried to dig his way out of our house to relieve himself. He tried to dig so hard that he scrapped all the skin off the top of his nose. He knows how much we value our clean house. He really wanted to be obedient. Kind of like the dog at the end of John Updike's incredibly sad poem "Dog's Death." Look it up when you're ready for a good cry.

 Those eyes really capture the sad puppy we came home to today.

We'll have to monitor both dogs closely the next few days. We called the nice owners of the pet store where we buy the dogs' Avoderm food asking if there had been any other reports about the last shipment being bad, and though the store owners said we were welcome to bring the food back and get our money back, they said the source of our woes might actually be the non-pet-friendly chemicals all over the streets of our townhouse development after Monday night's ice storm. Seeing as our dogs started acting a little funny Monday night, this seems like the best answer.

Although I'm still a little concerned for the dogs, there is a small silver lining, at least in terms of home decor. We bought that rug for about $80 at Home Depot, and the rug had seen better days. It was time to say goodbye. When we're ready to hunt for a new one, I think I'll liven up the space with something a little brighter. We have a lot of neutral tones in our home -- time for some fun, once the dogs recover.

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  1. Aw Steph! Poor Maxwell! He is the cutest sad good puppy. No wonder you didn't need to borrow the steam cleaner. At least getting rid of the rug made for easy cleanup. I like the orange fabric Maxwell is laying on, very cute!

    Homegoods has some awesome rugs for cheap when you are ready to buy check them out.