Monday, January 3, 2011

Good to know: Energy Star rebate in Virginia

Fellow Virginians (who do not read Young House Love, in which case you might already know...), lend me your ears.

When we were in the midst of buying our refrigerator and dishwasher earlier in the fall, I was under the impression that all Energy Star appliance tax deals/rebates were a thing of the past. But while scanning my Google Reader after a long first day back at work, I stumbled upon this post from the good couple at Young House Love. Apparently, they were not aware of the Energy Star Virginia rebate either until their readers alerted them to it.

So, I followed this link to the Virginia Appliance Rebate Program and plugged in my info into the "Request Rebate" link on my Matter O Fact machine (the new term Matt uses for computers). I went with the refrigerator rebate because it's a whopping $10 more than the dishwasher rebate, and according to the website's FAQs each household can only request one rebate. So, I'm crossing my fingers our furnace doesn't blow out, because replacing that's worth a solid $250.

Within two minutes my request was approved. It appears there must be a magical elf with incredible scanning skills at the other end of the Matter O Fact machine. Now I just need to dig up all the paper work and send off for our rebate.

When our check arrives, I'll be sure to put it toward my new bag. With $60 in my pocket, it will be like my bag only cost $92, right?

Does your state offer a similar rebate program? If so, please share!

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