Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rock your floral arrangement

(Excuse the pun; my students are in the midst of studying Shakespeare so it's been pun-central and oxymoron-ville over here lately.)

On those days in the dead of winter when I'm inside my windowless classroom from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., it's nice to come home to something that's not so winter and sterile. So, this week I've been happy that I bought some orange-ish roses over the weekend to display just in time for our neighborhood progressive dinner. These pretty flowers have made me smile -- even if only internally -- the last few days.

I also love this Iittala Aalto blue vase that is in the running for Best Wedding Gift We Received, but sometimes its wide base can make arranging flowers tricky. One day I will master the art of florist's tape and spend a long time weaving intricate designs on the tops of vases to create the perfect floral arrangement, but for now I have another simple fix: river rocks.

To keep the flowers from falling over, put just enough rocks in the vase to cover the bottom. No more falling flowers!

I bought these rocks at Michaels years ago and they've served me well. Have you come up with any other flower-arranging tricks? Tried your hand with florist's tape? Maybe one day...

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