Sunday, January 9, 2011

I love the Magic Trackpad

A couple weeks ago, as I was in the midst of compiling my year-end Costco spreadsheet a curious thing happened: my mouse stopped working. Specifically, it wouldn't scroll. This has happened before, so I tried turning it upside down and rolling it across our mousepad, but it didn't fix the problem. I was prepared to simply use a mouse without scrolling features.

Then Matt, who loves all things technological, got his hands on our computer and announced that we absolutely needed a new mouse. OK, fine, I said, seeing as I leave all technology decisions to him as he leaves all decorating decisions to me.

We found ourselves in the Apple section of Best Buy, playing around with the Magic Trackpad, this funky computer mouse which is simply a large rectangle with extensive capabilities beyond that of the average mouse. It operates under the same technology of the trackpad on the MacBook Pro. With this clever invention, we forked over $70, Apple upsold us and we were hooked.

This super cool gadget lets you click with one finger, right click with two fingers, scroll through a page with two fingers, scroll through multiple pages with three fingers, and even pinch the screen to zoom in and out.

When we got home from Best Buy and Matt set up the Magic Trackpad, we ran into one minor glitch. In order for this mouse to work, you must be operating with Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.4. This meant our slightly older and nonupgraded Mac desktop was not compatible. Matt announced he would return to Best Buy and buy the upgrade if it cost $10, but he would not pay $30. Of course, the upgrade wound up costing $30, and Matt paid it.

Ultimately this mouse set us back $100, so I like to think of it as the world's most expensive mouse. But it's one pretty fascinating little gadget, and because it's so awesome it has actually ruined my experience using my Dell laptop at work. I keep thinking that I can scroll on my laptop's trackpad only to be sadly disappointed by its totally pedestrian capabilities.

As Ferris Bueller would say, the Magic Trackpad is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

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