Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another reason to love our dishwasher

I love sparkling wine. If we're ever at a bar together, this is the drink you can buy me. I do not, however, like to clean champagne flutes. These are those items that, after they get used, have been known to sit on the counter behind our sink for -- no joke -- a solid week before I feel like dealing with them. They're so delicate, and so narrow, and so generally annoying.

I thought of investing in a baby bottle cleaner, but then realized that wouldn't change the fact that I'd still have to carefully clean the outer edges of the flutes. I've tried soaking the flutes, thinking that might help, but that just left a yucky residue.

So, the other day, I had a revelation: see if they fit upright in the bottom of our new dishwasher. And they do. Happy day.

The top of our old dishwasher was just low enough that the flutes couldn't stand upright, and I've learned from experience (of Matt loading the dishwasher) that there's absolutely no point in putting flutes or wine glasses in horizontally as all the dish gunk gets stuck in them. In our new dishwasher, propped up against our dishwasher-safe cutting board and lodged in prongs that perfectly fit the width of the flutes, they've come out sparkling.

Ahhh, simple pleasures. This dishwasher has been worth the investment.

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