Sunday, May 23, 2010

Success x2: baskets and a frame

Last week I wrote about how I had been dissatisfied with the look of our entryway bench, specifically the storage bins, for a while. I've been looking for baskets for what feels like way too long in an effort to get baskets of the right dimensions, which, it turns out, is not easy.

After going to Michaels twice, Home Goods twice, Target, Pier 1, and combing through the Crate and Barrel website, I landed at World Market and found baskets of the perfect dimensions. They were originally $25 each and I had a 15% off coupon. I spent a little more than I wanted to, but I figure it's worth it for me to A) have a better-looking entryway and B) stop obsessively looking at baskets.

Here's the original

Here's the too-short Home Goods purchase

And here are the World Market perfect-dimensions baskets that have found their new home
Much better, to the point that even Matt said, "Wow, that looks a lot better." You know such a comment is a big deal.

In case you're curious, the baskets are Madras rectangular baskets in the medium size, but they are not available for purchase on the World Market site.

I also picked up a half-price 16" x 20" Michaels picture frame for the four seasons Jefferson Memorial art I bought at Eastern Market last weekend. This frame set me back $22.50, but I'm happy to now have the art in our upstairs hallway rather than resting on our dining room table.

Forgive the stark white of the hallway walls. We will paint the hallway one day, but it presents a serious design challenge with its ridiculously tall (20 foot?) ceiling. The other difficulty is painting the attached stairway, which requires not only reaching ridiculous heights but also balancing on stairs (or scaffolding, the more likely choice). This is one we'll probably leave to the day, not now.

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